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Virginia is the first state to enact specific COVID-19 workplace mandates for employers.  Violation of these emergency mandates means hefty fines.

Emergency safety mandates include:

  • Anti-Retaliation
    • No retaliation against employees who wear PPE or voice a reasonable concern about infection control.


  • COVID-19 Return to Work Policy
    • Employers must have a return to work policy addressing how to handle employees that test positive for COVID-19.


  • 24-hour Notification
    • Notification within 24 hours if an employee tests positive for COVID-19.


  • 10 Day Waiting Period (Or Two Negative Tests)
    • Employees with COVID (or who are suspected to have it) cannot return to work for 10 days or until after 2 negative tests.


  • Masks and Social Distancing
    • For customer-facing roles, masks and social distancing are mandatory (Virginia also has a state mandate for masks separate from these mandates).
    • If social distancing is not possible, employers must provide frequent access to sanitation measures.


  • Common Areas – Close or Control Access
    • Employers must close or control access to common areas to prevent exposure.


  • Sanitation Requirements
    • Common spaces must be disinfected after each shift with EPA approved chemicals.
    • Regular cleaning of high-contact surfaces.


  • Employer Responsibility Shifts by Risk Category (very high, high, medium, or low)
    • Employer duties differ depending on whether employee’s COVID-19 risk level is “very high,” “high,” “medium,” or “low,” based on the employee’s job duties.


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