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Business collections attorneys and debt collection lawyers are vital to the success of corporations. Our expertise ensures that companies get paid the money they’re owed.

Our professionals work hard to resolve payment disputes through meticulous negotiations and legal action if necessary. They use their knowledge of relevant laws to protect our client’s financial interests.

The Lipp Law Firm possesses effective communication skills, so we can build relationships with debtors, lenders, and other parties that must be dealt with for our clients to collect outstanding debts.

Having a sound understanding of filing procedures and paperwork requirements is also important because, without accurate representation, collections cases can easily be dismissed or lost in court.

Client reviews

  • The law office of the Lipp Law Firm have a reputation for excellence in my case. I was impressed with their commitment to their clients and their dedication to achieving the best possible outcome!!

    Omar Daher Avatar Omar Daher
    February 23, 2024
  • The Lipp Law Firm was quick to get back to me. Kara was great in setting everything up for me to have a phone call with Sarah. Sarah was punctual in calling me and gave me helpful advice for my situation.

    Karla Daily Avatar Karla Daily
    February 22, 2024
  • Excellent service received from Sarah and her team. Very responsive; actively listened and provided clear guidance, so I was able to achieve a very successful out come. Thanks

    Philip Cribbin Avatar Philip Cribbin
    January 31, 2024
  • Katie Lipp and Associates at the Lipp Law Firm are the best! They were quick to respond to my legal questions and needs with courtesy and professionalism. They provided advice, guidance, and recommendations within the scope of their practice and provided referrals for legal needs outside their practice. With every scheduled consultation, I felt heard, respected, and well informed of next steps in the process. I would highly recommend Katie Lipp and The Lipp Law Firm to anyone in need of legal representation! Thank you again!

    Howard Travers Avatar Howard Travers
    December 1, 2023

Business collection attorneys and debt collection lawyers help ensure that corporations receive the funds they need quickly and without any bureaucracy getting in the way. They ensure these commitments are met at fair prices and that businesses stay solvent during trying times.

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