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  • By: Oscar Banderas
    Published: November 6, 2019

When it comes to navigating the intricacies of commercial legal disputes, The Lipp Law Firm, PC stands in a class by itself.
Known for our expertise and comprehensive representation services, our team of highly skilled commercial litigation attorneys can expertly navigate even the most complex cases.

At The Lipp Law Firm, PC clients feel secure knowing they have a seasoned pro on their side who will leverage every resource at their disposal to help them reach the best possible outcome. We are dedicated to helping clients successfully resolve any disputes that arise out of contracts, licensing agreements, business torts, and intellectual property matters.

With years of collective experience and unparalleled success in helping clients prevail in court battles and dispute resolution processes, our lawyers offer an unmatched level of insight and skill when it comes to learning what resources or strategies to use when tackling commercial litigation issues.

Regardless of if you are a big or small business venture, turn to The Lipp Law Firm for precise guidance and powerful representation services every step of the way.

Kathryn Megan Lipp

Katie dedicates her practice to employment separation guidance.
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