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LaborOur firm has extensive experience advising clients on labor issues in the workplace. Principles of employee fairness, past practices, and collective bargaining can be effectively handled by our team. We also defend charges filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

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What Industry Or Clients Does Your Firm Represent In Employment And Labor Law Matters?

Our firm represents technology companies, including cybersecurity and IT companies. Our firm has two client meeting locations in Northern Virginia, one in Fairfax, and one in Reston, along the tech corridor. We focus on tech because it has a labor shortage, and as a result, there’s a mobile labor force where non-compete agreements are common. Our employment litigation practice specializes in non-compete cases.

Our firm is also active in the pet sitting, healthcare, construction, entertainment, government contracting, education, and legal, and professional services industries. We enjoy representing entrepreneurs who launch their own companies because it is fun to watch companies evolve and grow. Our firm is woman-owned and operated, so our client base also includes many woman-owned businesses…Read More

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