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Litigate Business MattersOur firm litigates several types of business matters. We try our very best to resolve business conflicts before they start, and many of the steps that we recommend on the front end are used to avoid litigation. If the need for litigation arises, and you already have your ducks in a row, the litigation can become an open-and-shut matter.

If the process progresses to the next step and we start negotiating with another party, whether they’re represented or not, we try to resolve the matter at that stage as well. Sometimes, the issues can be resolved by a settlement that calls for the payment of money, or the promise to do something or not do something, which can short-circuit the litigation process and save money for all parties involved. When we have people on both sides who are motivated to work together and are willing to resolve the matter without the need for litigation, settlement can be a win-win for both sides.

If litigation does continue in earnest, clients are usually very surprised at the amount of time, money, and stress involved. Our firm can help to curb these issues, because we handle business litigation cases often. We’re experienced. We understand what it takes to put together pleadings that are convincing to the court and compliant with its rules. Courts require very strict compliance, and when the other side has counsel that does not understand the rules or no legal counsel, we sometimes win by default.

Although litigation is contentious, we are always cordial in our communications with opposing counsel. We also seek to understand our bench and judges to know what they will and won’t like to see in pleadings and at oral arguments.

During the litigation process, we keep in close contact with our clients to ensure that they’re up to date the entire time. This is not a set-it-and-forget-it process. We don’t keep our clients in the dark, which is something that many lawyers do on purpose. They don’t want the input from the client or the interference. We keep everybody up to date at all times and solicit their input to ensure that everything that gets submitted to the court is accurate. In doing so, the client is more comfortable with the process, and that leads to a higher degree of understanding and trust when it comes time for us to make a recommendation about a litigation strategy or settlement.

The point of litigation is not simply to win. While we seek to show that we have the better case and the best arguments, our core aim is resolving the conflict that led to litigation as quickly as possible on terms that are advantageous for our client.

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