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“I am so happy I chose this law firm to handle my case. Sarah Mugmon was kind, supportive, attentive, and results driven. I highly recommend this firm and Sarah.”K P

“I have been extremely impressed with The Lipp Law Firm. Ryen Rasmus has been incredibly responsive with great guidance for my business and I know that it is in great hands now and in the future.”SJL

“Fantastic team response and priority review of time sensitive materials.”B D

“Katie was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I learned a great deal and she did the best job she could to help me in my situation. Definitely recommended. Five stars!”J F.

“I would like to attest to the professional services of Katie Lipp. She is truly one of kind in the legal field. She is a highly knowledgeable attorney specializing in employment law operating within a wide variety of industries. I was always treated with dignity and respect and she kept me well informed of my situation every step of the way. Katie also helped me navigate complex employment matters by navigating best practice solutions to mitigate risk and maintain compliance. Her law firm demonstrate a lead by the example approach as well as other traits such as timeliness, customer focus, honor and integrity. It is in my experience that Lipp Law Firm is one of the most professional law firms I have ever dealt with. I would certainly use them again and would recommend their services to anyone.”Brittany B.

“Attorney Lipp is extremely caring and helpful. She helped me through a big issue when no one else would touch the subject matter of the case. I would recommend her for any employment rights or education-based rights case!”Ashley S.

“I worked with Katie directly on an employment issue. She took the time to listen and understand my questions and concerns, and offered her thoughts on how to proceed. Through the entire process she has been very professional, understanding, empathetic and took as much time as needed to help. Highly recommended and I will use her firm again for similar issues. Thank you!”Mark S.

“Had the opportunity to work with Ryen Rasmus on a contracting issue. What a brilliant, kind, compassionate attorney! He was great. Very responsive and was able to untangle an issue that felt overwhelming and impossible to decipher. Most of all, I was thankful to have finally found a lawyer who was listening to me and felt like they were on my side to get me through a difficult time. His prices were fair and through our work together, I was able to come to a solution for the issue that has allowed me to move on. Would highly recommend Ryen and his awesome work!”C. Grace W.

“I needed advice for my daughter-in-law and this firm was amazing. They answered all of my questions and pointed out some areas that we had not even considered.
They were able to help her end a horrific situation, in a manner that allowed her to maintain her integrity and her reputation.
If you need a firm with integrity, knowledge and who really cares, then The Lipp Law Firm is your ONLY choice!!!!!!!”Janice B.

“Whenever you see an employment attorney you are always on edge as your livelihood is about to be or has been effected. Katie brought such a calm to the entire situation to help produce sound decisions. Calls and emails were answered immediately or returned promptly. Again, this just tells me how Katie knows that this situation I am/was going through was very personal and important.”John B.

“My issue was resolved so thoroughly and so succinctly that Lipp would be my go-to when should I need additional support in the future. The phone call communication over a cookie-cutter autoreply email separated Lipp services from the others I had reached out to at the outset. The attorney who represented me treated me as if he were my advocate – more than my legal representative. He became intensely familiar with the features of my case and dealt with it as a unique case and not a “run of the mill” situation. I received updates and phone calls and felt as though he was always available for a phone call or a quick email reply. I also appreciated that another attorney was also weighing in – that I was seeing communication between them on my emails. I appreciated that collaboration and attention to my issue. It was thorough and tidy. Communication felt meaningful and not flippant or wasteful. I was consulted before all decisions – no assumptions were made on my behalf without discussing with me prior- and I appreciated that. I don’t remember being assisted by a paralegal.”Cathy G.

“Lipp Law Firm was quick to respond to my questions and follow up with me about my needs. Attentive, professional and reliable. They were kind, professional, honest and attentive to detail and my needs. A great experience! Ryen was amazing! Very respectful and professional.”Lauren H.

“Our experience with Katie and Ryen and other members of The Lipp Law Firm has been nothing short of exceptional. In addition to being highly experienced in labor laws and best practices as well as other essential business services, what makes the team at Lipp Law Firm stand out is their exceptional attention to detail about all aspects of our business -from our personal and corporate values to our culture and capabilities – while ensuring that our employees and our business engagements are provided services of the highest integrity and compliance. Highest caliber in experience, best practices, and integrity and incredibly responsive while always working to achieve an outcome that is aligned with the goals and values of the company. We were treated like family- every concern, thought, question, or need to know was treated with the utmost integrity, care, respect, and best interest of our employees and our company in mind. I would tell them it felt like having a heavyweight champion in our corner who cared about our company’s success and growth when we had to be in the ring. Eileen was incredibly responsive and timely and the consummate professional.”Christine G.

“Accessibility and straight forward feedback. Responsive. They responded to my labor related questions with thorough answers. It was an easy experience.”Adam N.

“Attorney knowledge and partnership with WALA. Personal and responsive. Ryen was a great pairing with my WALA needs. He treated me with care and respect despite the fact I was a WALA-referred client with a limited budget.”Nicholas L.

“Integrity. Ask to work with and very responsive. Very professional in all respects. I would recommend them.”Tom B.

“Getting immediate feedback. Efficient and Responsive. He is always respectful and thorough. I would describe the attorney as efficient, thorough and respectful.”Mary S.

“The personal touch and feeling of complete confidence with their work and advice. Real people representing real people. “Team Lipp Law” makes it easy to work through legal issues that aren’t always easy to navigate by listening, advising and working WITH you rather than for you! I have worked with Katie on many “projects” over the last year, year and a half, and every time we work together it seems we become more like co-workers than legal counsel. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with David and Ryen as well, all three of them have their own personalities that complement one another. Best of all, no questions are too big or too small! Pleasant experience because the team makes it easy. While I’ve not interacted personally with the paralegal, I know that she has assisted with one of our “projects” and carried it out to the fullest.”Jaymi B.

“David Moon as our attorney, he is thorough, professional in demeanor and very pleasant. Unable to describe firm. Excellent!”Joann D.

“Quick response and empathy. Responsive and knowledgeable. Very well and very comfortable, Excellent, Great and very responsive.”Geoffrey G.

“Honest and direct communication. Timely, Direct, and Supportive. Treated with utmost respect, cordiality, and professionalism. Glad I hired Lipp Law. Supportive and honest representation from start to end.”Mary D.

“Honest, thorough & understanding of the situation. Treated with respect and very pleased with my decision to hire this attorney. Professional yet friendly.”David T.

“Responsive, balanced legal advice for a range of business needs. Experienced legal advice well steeped in Govt Contracting. Always received solid timely legal advice, have yet to be represented to date.”Steve J.

“Expert and timely advice. Professional with expert and timely advice. Excellent. I referred someone last week.”Mary M.

“Fast answers, simple solution, didn’t overly complicate my request, affordable. Responsive. Great, so far!”Christina B.

“Friendly personal service. I always speak to a person directly and not a phone menu. Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Proactive and responsive. I would have no hesitation in recommending this firm to my friends. Absolutely the best. The firm and attorneys were right on top of the situation and relieved me of the stress.”Dwight H.

“There are three valuable things that my wife and I cherish the most about The Lipp Law Firm. This firm is sympathetic to my concerns or objective, accommodating and available when needed 24/7, and most importantly, honest regarding any legal matters. I would describe The Lipp Law Firm as an up and becoming law firm that really cares about its clients and their best interest. They are open for business. The attorney who represented me was professional and respectful of my time and limited resources. Also, this person kept me appraise of my case and sympathetic to my concerns. I made the right decision to hire and continue using this attorney’s services. My experience was beneficial and left me with a warm feeling about my decision. I also learned a lot about the attorney-client relationship, its processes, and how to accept favorable and unfavorable legal outcomes. It’s about what can be proven. The paralegal assigned to my case was polite, engaged, and remained professional throughout our interaction. This person also treated me and my case with respectfully.”Dwindle P.

“Excellent advice & guidance based on experience. Experienced, approachable and empathetic. Katie was excellent. Very good! I would recommend Lipp Law. Once again, very good. Everyone I dealt with was responsive and professional.”Mark G.

“Straight & honest. No Surprises they will tell you exactly where you are going. Sharp he knows his game .”Gaby E.

“My cybersecurity company has used Katie and her litigation team for several years as outside employment counsel. Katie and her team are knowledgeable, fast and reasonably priced when I need them to resolve the many employees and corporate legal disputes that arise in our tech industry. I highly recommend Katie Lipp for any employment or litigation matter. “Michael V.

“I found Katie to be highly responsive, professional, knowledgeable and compassionate.”Danielle B.

“Found Lipp Law through the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts Organization. Ryen went above and beyond to help me work out needs with a film project. He was knowledgeable, attentive, and treated me the same way I imagine he would treat a client paying 20x more. Highly recommend this firm.”Nick L.

“Responsive, top-shelf legal advice with a solid understanding of Government Contracting.”Steve J.

“I contacted this firm from a referral and they have been outstanding. I spoke with the owner and she knew exactly what I needed and how to help. She put me in touch with a fellow in her firm that got right on top of my work and has been excellent at communicating and following up with me. Even if there are no changes he follows up to keep me informed. It’s been a very good experience so far and I would highly recommend this firm.”Alex H.

“My Organization has worked with Kathryn Lipp for years and in fact followed her to Lipp Law. Katie and her team are genuine, down to earth, precise, great communicators and make it easy to navigate through employment law issues with confidence in their knowledge.”Jaymi B.

“Very satisfied and I would recommend their law firm to anyone asking for a recommendation.”Candy S.

“I highly recommend using Lipp Law Firm. They are very knowledgeable and always work quickly for their clients.”Adam N.

“Katie was a godsend for Banduri. In addition to having deep experience with the issues we were facing, her care and concern for our company’s future, our employees, and us extended beyond the courtroom. Her capability is equal to her integrity and these same core values are echoed in all of her staff. I highly recommend The Lipp Law Firm.”Christine G.

“I had such a positive experience with The Lipp Law Firm. They were very responsive, professional and went above and beyond to make sure they met my needs. I will definitely use them again in the future!”Lauren H.

“Lipp law firm provided excellent, straight forward and kind advice, support, and guidance through a tough transition. Their prompt attention and wise advice led to an outcome that surpassed all expectations. And, major bonus points added for avoiding stressful litigation! I absolutely recommend Lipp law for any of their legal services!

Thank you so much Lipp law!!

P.S. Special shout out to and gratitude for Katie Lipp and Ryen Rasmus who worked closely with me to resolve my case. Thanks again!!”Mary D.

“Lipp Law provides professional common sense advice. Katie, David, and Ryen make a great team! I have followed Katie to two different law firms and now to her own. Congrats Katie!”Michael Y.

“If I had to describe Lipp Law in three words, I would say knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. I have been working with Ms. Lipp for several years and trust her advice and counsel on any employment or contract issues that I encounter.”Sherri H.

“Katie Lipp & David Moon were experts at navigating an uncomfortable situation to a positive end. Wonderfully responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and very caring. Their work is personal and, as a client, I felt very supported and kept in the loop. Hated to have to need them in the first place, but loved that they were in my corner.”Cathy G.

“Everyone at Lipp Law is very courteous and friendly. The staff is knowledgeable and just as helpful as Mrs. Lipp herself. I would not have any problem trusting Lipp Law with any of my legal needs now or going forward.”Christopher F.

“Ryen reached out right away with a phone call to discuss my situation, which I found so much more helpful than a simple email explanation. The rates were reasonable, and all of the follow up was faster than I expected. Really appreciate it!”Christina B.

“I found Ryen to be very personable, gaining my trust after the first time I spoke with him. He responds quickly to your inquiries and his strategies are formulated with your best interest in mind. His preparation and attention to detail went above and beyond my expectations, especially when answering questions.”A Satisfied Client

“David Moon is a conscientious, caring lawyer. He will do any and all for his clients, and is voracious and smart. I would not have had any other representation.”A Satisfied Client

“I worked with Ms. Lipp on a tricky employment case with a big organization. She was easy to reach, calm and positive. She kept me focused on the big picture and was extremely knowledgeable about all my legal options. Without her support in this issue, I would’ve felt panicked and lost. With her guidance, I was able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.”A Satisfied Client

“David was very professional and knowledgeable. He helped my company resolve an issue … very effectively with aggressive legal tactics that was favorable for our company. I would recommend his service to anyone looking for legal counsel.”A Satisfied Client

“Ms. Lipp thoroughly and thoughtfully reviewed an employment separation document. She provided timely and useful recommendations and options. I was able to obtain more detailed information from my former employer as well as some revisions to the final document.”A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Moon was very professional, knowledgeable and respectful while he helped me deal with my legal issues. He thoroughly explained all the legal implications of my case, gave me appropriate advice and guidance as needed, while always being sensitive to my needs. He was extremely prompt in responding to calls, emails, etc. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Moon with regard to employment issues. I would not have had a positive outcome without his interventions on my behalf. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Moon through this most difficult period, and feel should I need further representation in the future, I would have no hesitation hiring him to represent me again.”A Satisfied Client

“Katie was fantastic with dealing with my employment issue. She was honest, caring, and dedicated. I also really liked how she gave me several options on how to handle my situation and explained each of them in detail. Overall, I’m very happy with my experience with her and I highly recommend her.”Brandon

“We were involved in a landlord/tenant dispute in which Mr. Moon handled our case with the utmost amount of professionalism. After the other side (landlord) did not accept our settlement proposal we went to trial and won in all aspects. The amount of knowledge and preparation provided was leaps and bounds beyond what we expected.”A Satisfied Client

“I reached out to Katie for advise on an existing employment agreement and how it may have affected future employment. It was necessary to get an analysis of the documents done quickly in order for me to make significant decisions. Katie was very knowledgeable, helpful and understanding of the pressing need. Katie made herself available at all hours and I was able to reach an appropriate resolution of my issue.”A Satisfied Client

“I retained the representation of Katie Lipp in January 2019 regarding an employment issue. She was highly responsive to my needs and schedule. I was always able to reach Ms. Lipp, most easily by email and telephone. She was able to be present at my job site to meet with employer and representatives in my matter. She worked effectively with and communicated with other counsel and representation I had and continued to work with regarding my case. Ms. Lipp provided counsel, resources and strategies to help me navigate my case. She always listened and considered my opinions and ideas when representing me. Ms. Lipp was prompt and on time for meetings, inferences, and when responding to communications. I was grateful and appreciative of the quality representation she provided me. I would definitely recommend her services. She always made me feel like my case was a priority to her.”Dianne

“Highly responsive to client needs! Always available by email. Makes time to represent at alternative locations. Very prompt in responses and communications. Provides counsel regarding options, resources, and strategies. Works with other entities (ie unions, previous counsel). She is a strong advocate for teachers. She is Amazing!”Dianne

“I consulted with and then hired Kathryn Lipp to oversee a concern that I had about eligibility for a retirement incentive program. She was clear, efficient, and smart throughout. She zeroed in on what was important in the matter (despite my bringing in extraneous material) and acted with professionalism and tact. She cooperated very well with me and I felt that we understood each other well.”A Satisfied Client

“Katie was terrific to work with. She is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and clear, as well as a great listener who really pays attention to what you’re saying and works for your best interests. When I first contacted her on a Friday afternoon, I was impressed she got back to me that day–I had assumed she wouldn’t get back to me until the following Monday. Also, I had a tight deadline to review a contract, and she pulled in the resources within her firm to get everything done in the time frame necessary. She fully answered all my detailed questions. She’s very easy to talk to, and was dedicated to making sure I got what I needed out of our interactions. I would certainly hire her again.”A Satisfied Client

“Kathryn took my issue at heart. She listened, she took the time to work through the intricate details of the problem, and she provided solid, realistic legal advise. She went beyond just providing legal advise, she actually was working to find the best outcome. More importantly, in doing all of that she proved that she could be trusted to work in my best interest.”Paul

“Ms. Lipp was paramount in overseeing, guiding me through, and craftily negotiating my case to get the best possible outcome. She and her staff were extremely professional, helpful, supportive, and persistent in the pursuit of justice. I would highly recommend her and her firm.”A Satisfied Client

“The level of sympathy and encouragement that we have received from Katie is more than I ever thought could happen from an attorney. She has consistently made sure that she understood our feelings on the matter so that they were accurately relayed to the defendant. And what she relays makes it clear to the defendant that we aren’t playing! I would recommend her anytime to anyone.”Tara

“Katie represented me in an employment separation matter. Her calm demeanor, patience and persistence made her the perfect partner for me as we worked toward a great outcome. She communicates well and I never doubted that she was all-in to help me.”A Satisfied Client

“Katie is a family friend and confidant. My sister and I had a dispute with a cruise line. My husband made a recommendation for us to call her. Katie jumped right on it. She gave us our options and is still currently working the case. She truly listened to our concerns and our feelings. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”Sheryl T.

“Katie is an excellent attorney, she listens, empathetic and her passion as an attorney is superb. I highly recommend her in my referral data base.”Helen

“It did not take long for me to get a sense of Katie’s passion for what she does. Instantly, I felt more than confident that she would fight for me. Katie was realistic from the beginning about the merits of my case (strong). Katie has a calm and empathetic demeanor that is invaluable in times of uncertainty. She is very responsive which was important to me. As far as her expertise, she knows the law in and out. She is on top of deadlines and always keeps me informed of next steps. She is resolute with opposing counsel. Katie has a presence and confidence about her. She has a lot of experience and will fight for you. I would highly recommend Katie!”A Satisfied Client

“I hired Katie Lipp to represent me in a case against my employer. She provided excellent guidance, helping me weigh the different options and decide which course of action to take. Katie really knows her stuff — she knows the law down pat and had excellent ideas when it came to the best approach. She had some very clever strategies, which speak volumes about her legal expertise. She provides honest feedback and that really won my trust, which is crucial when making potentially life-altering decisions. I knew that she wouldn’t lead me astray.

Also, Katie works HARD. She is very diligent and super responsive. I could contact her any time of day and she would get right back to me. Sometimes, I wondered if she ever took a break! It’s clear she loves what she does. And I knew I could count on her to deliver when we were faced with hard deadlines.

Ultimately, we won the terms we had sought, on all counts, and it was a huge relief. I’m so glad I made the decision to hire Katie. She was really a lifesaver and a pleasure to work with. She has a great manner about her, is patient, listens, and is thoughtful in her responses.

I highly recommend Katie Lipp to anyone. If you’re considering retaining a labor and employment attorney, hire her. You’ll be glad you did.”A Satisfied Client

“Ms. Lipp represented me in a non compete, non solicitation case filed against me from a former employer. She had a lot of hurdles to overcome and she handled every single one. The judge ultimately dismissed the case against me entirely. Without that I would have be prevented from working in the occupation Ive practiced for over 11 years. I believe it was the skill and legal knowledge of Ms. Lipp and her firm that secured this victory.”Kris

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