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Employers Must Provide Extensive Paid Sick Family LeaveUnder the new federal stimulus package, unemployment benefits have expanded:

Extra $600 from the Feds Until July 31: Qualified applicants will receive an additional $600 above what they are entitled to at the state level, from March 27 to July 31, 2020.

Part-time, Self-Employed Newly Eligible: Part-time workers, self-employed individuals, independent contractors and freelancers are newly eligible for benefits. (This is great for restaurant workers and UBER drivers who have been hit hard by this).

Shortened Work History Requirements: Work history time periods have shortened, meaning newly laid-off employees with low tenure are newly eligible.

Also, if an employee was about to start work, but now cannot start due to the outbreak (for a COVID-related reason, such as childcare closures or illness), that employee is newly eligible for benefits.

Individuals who will likely NOT qualify for expanded unemployment benefits are:
  • Workers that can work from home
  • Workers on paid sick or family leave
Newly eligible workers should receive:
  • Half the average unemployment benefit in their state, lasting for 39 weeks, or ~10 months
  • An additional $600 on top of that benefit (for those who qualify between March 27 and July 31)
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