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OSHA Finally Drops 100+ Employee “Emergency” Temporary Standard
  • By: Katie Lipp
  • Published: November 5, 2021

LIPP LAW LEGAL UPDATE: The ETS has been placed on hold by the 5th Circuit. Read the update here. -------- On November 4, 2021, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) finally released its long-awaited emergency temporary standard titled COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing (the “ETS”). The ETS will be effective on December 5, 2021, 30 days after the ETS’s… Read More

Virginia Employers & Employees: What You Need to Know About Virginia’s New COVID-19 Rules
  • By: Katie Lipp
  • Published: October 27, 2021

Article At A Glance: If you are a Virginia employer or work in Virginia, these new COVID-19 legal requirements summarized below now apply to you. In sum, these requirements heavily incentivize employee vaccination, but do not mandate it. Employers should be especially mindful of treating employees differently based on medical decisions, because treating employees differently has implications under Title VII… Read More

Administrative Leave Reference Guide
  • By: Sarah Mugmon
  • Published: October 26, 2021

If you have been placed on administrative leave, you are bound to have plenty of questions. Why did this happen? Will I be paid? How long will this last? This article attempts to provide some guidance during an uncertain time in your career. Why was I placed on administrative leave? Getting placed on administrative leave can be a stressful and… Read More

Lipp Law Firm Attorneys Named 2021 “Top Attorneys” by Arlington Magazine
  • By: lipplaw
  • Published: October 15, 2021

Arlington Magazine's top attorneys list is comprised of the area's most respected attorneys, as nominated by their peers in the legal community in 21 practice areas. The list is limited to attorneys who are located in Arlington County, Fairfax County, the City of Falls Church and the City of Alexandria. Several Lipp Law Firm attorneys were selected for this honor… Read More

No Jab, No Job, No Unemployment?
  • By: Katie Lipp
  • Published: October 12, 2021

Article At A Glance: -Many employers have been rolling out COVID-19 vaccine mandates. -Federal government workers are required to be fully vaccinated without a testing opt-out by November 22, 2021, according to the Biden Administration’s Executive Order on Requiring Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination for Federal Employees. This order does not reference natural immunity or a testing opt-out, despite recent data showing… Read More

Navigating Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: Task Force Issues Guidance
  • By: lipplaw
  • Published: October 12, 2021

President Biden recently mandated that all federal and contractor employees get immunized for COVID-19, without a testing alternative. This mandate, along with others, will face legal challenges – a September 23 lawsuit was filed on behalf of 10 federal employees in Washington, DC federal court.[1][2] In the meantime, impacted workforces have difficult decisions to make. How do you deal with… Read More

Severance Agreements – Documenting Employment Separations
  • By: Sarah Mugmon
  • Published: September 22, 2021

When an employee is terminated, they often receive a severance package. While processing the intense emotions that come with a separation, the company and the employee have a contract to consider and finalize. This article provides answers to frequently asked questions to serve as a starting point for organizing your thoughts, both on the employer and employee side. Lipp Law… Read More

The 6 Steps of a Civil Lawsuit – Explained by Lipp Law
  • By: David Moon
  • Published: September 17, 2021

Article At A Glance: “I was served with a lawsuit today.” Now what? Lipp Law litigates civil and business matters throughout DC, MD, and VA. In this article, Lipp Law outlines the 6 steps of a civil lawsuit, covering: 1. Pleading Stage 2. Scheduling Conference and Order 3. Discovery 4. Dispositive Motions 5. Pretrial Conference 6. Trial If you are… Read More

How will President Biden’s recently announced “Path Out of the Pandemic” affect employers?
  • By: lipplaw
  • Published: September 13, 2021

On September 9, 2021, President Biden announced a six-pronged action plan in an effort to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Several of the White House’s initiatives, listed below, are aimed at employers and employees across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. Employers may have questions about updating policies and whether the new requirements are applicable to them, and Lipp… Read More

Is it fair? Attorney Katie Lipp Discusses Stafford County schools granting 10 days of extra sick leave to the vaccinated with ABC 7 News
  • By: lipplaw
  • Published: September 6, 2021

Lipp Law Firm owner and employment attorney Katie Lipp was interviewed by ABC7 recently about the legality of putting workers into one of two categories: vaccinated and unvaccinated and establishing rules and rewards accordingly. You can read the full article here. From the article:  STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. (7News) — As businesses and schools reopen, employers are often putting workers into one… Read More

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