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What Employment Laws Apply to My Remote Employees?
  • By: Katie Lipp
  • Published: July 22, 2022

Remote work has gained popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many workplaces now have a remote work policy in place. As an employer, you must know your legal obligations regarding laws that govern remote workers. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) reinforces the same employment laws for remote workers, including minimum wage laws, compensation benefits for working hours… Read More

Pay Transparency Laws and Trends in 2022
  • By: Katie Lipp
  • Published: June 21, 2022

With the switch to remote work during Covid-19, many changes took place in the pay transparency movement. Often pay transparency is lumped together with the ability to freely discuss your salary without retaliation from your employer. However, pay transparency is a slightly different but equally important aspect of the pay equality initiative. What is pay transparency? At its core, pay… Read More

Seeking a Civil Litigator
  • By: Katie Lipp
  • Published: June 14, 2022

We are seeking a civil litigator to lead our civil litigation practice, focusing on employment and business litigation cases. You will be supported by one attorney who can assist with discovery, legal research, and case management, a Firm Relations Manager providing administrative support, and the Firm's Owner who will assist with client management and case strategy. Flexible work from home working… Read More

How do you Respond to a Trademark infringement Notice?
  • By: Ryen Rasmus
  • Published: May 27, 2022

You’ve received a cease and desist letter stating you violated someone else’s trademark, and it’s asking for you to stop using your business name. This is a scary proposition, since your business may be new and you may have already purchased many items pertaining to your business name, including business letterhead, business cards, uniforms, and equipment. Maybe you have been… Read More

What Should You Consider When Hiring a Severance Negotiation Lawyer?
  • By: Sarah Mugmon
  • Published: April 29, 2022

Lipp Law handles severance negotiations throughout DC, Maryland and Virginia for employers, executives, and employees. When determining whether to engage a lawyer to represent you in severance negotiations, the following considerations should be addressed: (1) Whether a lawyer will add value, (2) Whether the lawyer sets your expectations at the outset, and (3) Whether the lawyer has discernable relationship-building skills.… Read More

LLC Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
  • By: Ryen Rasmus
  • Published: April 27, 2022

This month, Lipp Law Attorney Ryen Rasmus will be teaching a course entitled “LLC Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them.”  This course, presented by LawPracticeCLE, will provide information about limited liability companies, one of the most common business forms for new companies.  It will discuss their unique qualities, how they can protect business owners, and the best ways to ensure… Read More

Three Considerations for Businesses to Avoid Overtime Lawsuits
  • By: Sarah Mugmon
  • Published: April 8, 2022

To avoid overtime lawsuits, employers should: (1) classify employees correctly; (2) develop and implement clear overtime policies, and (3) maintain meticulous records of employees’ work hours. As employers are likely already aware, the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) requires employers to pay employees at one-and-a-half times an employee’s regular rate of pay for any hours worked in excess of 40… Read More

Employees: Do you Have a Workplace Investigation Interview? Avoid Making These Three Common Mistakes.
  • By: Sarah Mugmon
  • Published: April 4, 2022

Out of the blue, your employer asks you to submit to a workplace investigation interview, which might not give you enough time to contact a workplace investigation lawyer. This can be a confusing and stressful situation. Knowing what to do can help the process go much smoother, and ideally, protect your job and your reputation. Below are steps to take… Read More

3 Things Virginia Employers Need to Know: Workplace Rules Around Covid-19 Loosen in Virginia
  • By: Katie Lipp
  • Published: March 28, 2022

To keep your workplace compliant with current Virginia workplace rules around COVID-19, here are three legal updates employers should know: (1) Pandemic-era workplace restrictions are being rolled back. (2) Interim employer guidance is now available; and (3) Employers should follow the interim guidelines until Virginia provides further updates.   Now let’s dive deeper into how Virginia’s pandemic-era workplace rules are… Read More

Three Things Employers Need to Know About Parental Leave Policies to Avoid Legal Liability
  • By: Sarah Mugmon
  • Published: March 21, 2022

To reduce potential lawsuits and EEOC charges, here are three things employers can address in their parental leave policies: (1) they should be inclusive; (2) they should be gender neutral, and (3) they can address any medical leave, such as for child birth, through a short-term disability policy. By making these three changes to a parental leave policy, a company… Read More

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