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A Note from Katie Lipp, the Firm’s Founder

I started my firm in July 2019 focusing on employment law. Soon after, I branched out my firm’s services to litigation and business law, and in 2020, we expanded our focus to federal employment law and security clearance assistance.

My firm is 100% woman-owned, and I run the firm based on two principles: prioritizing employees, and delivering value to our clients. I believe that if employees are taken care of, then they will provide the best value to our clients.

What Sets Lipp Law Apart

My firm does not place strict billable hours requirements on its employees, which tend to pit client needs against employee motivations. By making an employee-centric law firm, our clients benefit from happy attorneys. What does that mean for you? Our lawyers don’t bill you hours to meet an arbitrary billable hours quota or to increase their promotion chances. We find it’s the most efficient way to serve our clients and help you preserve your legal resources. Check out our five-star reviews from satisfied clients.

Lipp Law’s Three Main Practice Areas

Lipp Law focuses on employment, commercial litigation, and business law throughout the DMV area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia). 

Lipp Law’s Tech Focus

We help tech companies with HR, non-compete issues, and employment law compliance so that they can focus on their businesses.

Many of our corporate clients are in the business of providing cybersecurity, software, AI, and other cutting-edge technology and services. We are a modern law firm supporting forward-focused companies.  

Lipp Law’s Focus on Teachers + Education Professionals

Lipp Law advises teachers, principals, and education professionals through difficult employment decisions. Our firm has experience assisting teachers and principals employed by Fairfax County Public Schools, Loudoun County Public Schools, Prince William County Public Schools, and Arlington County Public Schools, among others.

Lipp Law’s Client Locations

We have client locations in Fairfax and Reston, Virginia, and Washington, DC. We are also able to meet with clients in Arlington, Tysons, Dulles, Chevy Chase, MD, Midtown, DC, Dupont Circle, and Metro Center, DC. Our firm has attorneys barred in the entire DMV area, which includes DC, Maryland, and Virginia. 

Lipp Law’s Services

We focus on business and employment matters stemming from new business opportunities, challenges, and employment separations. We do both sides of employment law and represent both employees and employers. Many of our employment matters focus on employee mobility. 

Additionally, because much of our work pertains to separation of employment, we handle severance agreement reviews and negotiation matters daily. We offer a flat-fee consultation designed to provide you with critical information in just one-hour with no long term commitment.

Contact us to see how we can create value for your workplace.

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